Kandinsky Watercolor

Mommy and Me Art and Pottery Classes

We are excited to start offering a fun class for parents and their littles to grow in art together. Our Mommy and Me classes will offer a new class each month, working in several different mediums. Most classes will have an option of 2 dates available to choose from. One will be during the week and one on the weekend, so that we have art opportunities for stay at home and working parents alike. Students can be 3-6 years of age and must be accompanied by an adult. Each adult/child team will create 1 piece together per class. 

March Class

Kandinsky Watercolor.jpg
All materials included.

Kandinsky Inspired Watercolor Exploration

Instructor: Whitney Tuttle

Spark the interest in your youngster! This watercolor class is ideal for early childhood development, explorations, and creativity. Children will receive a brief introduction to Wassily Kandinsky. They will then experiment with eye droppers, watercolors, salt, oil, rubbing alcohol, and dish soap to create their very own, one-of-a-kind, framable masterpiece! 

$25 per child/adult team

Friday, March 26th


Sunday, March 28th