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In this class you will be guided through how to make 2 table lamps through numerous methods including: throwing in parts, assembling, decorating techniques such as sgraffito, slip trailing, and texturization. This is a wheel throwing class.


Prerequisites: Must be able to center 1.5lbs of clay on the wheel and have a grasp of basic wheel techniques OR have taken at least one six week class in throwing.


Class schedule is as follows:

June 14th- Make 1:00-3:30

June 21st-Trim and decorate 1:00-3:30

June 28th- skip week to finish all lamps must be ready to fire on Sat, June 29th

July 5th- Glaze from 1:00-2:00 pm

July 7th-Lamp wiring class 1:00-2:00


Class fees include 25lbs of clay, wiring kits for 2 lamps, and access to open studio times.

Lamp Class - 4 weeks beginning June 14th

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